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Antec NID Splitter / ADSL POTS Splitter LPF-200
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Antec NID Splitter / ADSL POTS Splitter LPF-200
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Antec NID Splitter / ADSL POTS Splitter LPF-200

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Antec offers a complete line of ADSL NID POTS Splitter solutions to meet indoor and outdoor requirements for single applications. By packaging our outdoor splitter into the industry standard Line Module footprint,we have developed a solution that easily fits into most NIDs as a CPE device and can be adapted to fit into many other manufacturer’s NID products. The outdoor splitter module occupies only one line module position within the NID and is housed in a thermal plastic shell then encapsulated in potting compound to provide an environmentally sealed product. All direct inside wiring connections to the splitter module itself interface to colored, plastic coated washer screws to prevent accidental contact with an active circuit. • Designed for installation on the CPE side of a network interface featuring a sinle width line module package • Flying leads permit universal connection to any style line module • Multiple home runs are terminated through four washer screw handoffs • Fits into ARRIS’ SNI-4300, SNI-4600, ML-6, SNI-3, SNI-6,TA-230 and Siecor’s CAC-7600 NIDs The CAC-7600 requires a line module adapter to snap in with out any tools.