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2wire 1800HW Wireless DSL Modem / Router
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2wire 1800HW Wireless DSL Modem / Router
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2wire 1800HW Wireless DSL Modem / Router

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Refurb IN BOX. The 1700 is a similar product and on sale in alternative items for 39.99

The OfficePortal 1800HW is a high-performance DSL router with a built-in ADSL modem. It allows you to share DSL with multiple computers in a home or office and share files and peripherals, such as printers. The OfficePortal 1800HW also includes a built-in 802.11b wireless access point so that any computer with an 802.11b wireless adapter can access the network and surf the web from almost anywhere in the home or office without being physically connected. Also allows you to connect using Ethernet with the included 4 port 10/100 Ethernet ports, USB or your existing telephone lines (HomePNA). The OfficePortal 1800HW includes a business grade firewall to protect every PC on the network, and it is self-installable.

Gateway kits sold at the SBC DSL Equipment Store are configured for use with SBC Yahoo! DSL service. Customers of other Internet Service Providers should contact their provider for compatibility and installation information.

If the equipment you want to network is located in multiple rooms, you will need additional network adapters. Please click on PC Network and Adapters (on the navigation bar to your left) to select appropriate adapter(s).

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