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Cisco 675 Modem/Router

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The Cisco 675 provides a compact design and a low-cost, splitterless, no-truck-roll solution. It is part of the leading Cisco architecture that provides a path to new world services. The Cisco 675 provides access to high-speed and secure Internet and Corporate services through a robust routing, transparent bridging, and PPP/ATM feature set.The Cisco 675 provides a 10/100BaseT interface for connection to a small, home-office LAN or a single Ethernet-equipped PC. The Cisco 675 supports a robust routing feature set for seamless integration of ADSL service into corporate or home LANs and WANs. A built-in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server automatically assigns IP addresses to PCs on the LAN, and with Port Address Translation (PAT) these PCs can share a single IP address.
  • This unit comes with power adapter only. They are used but in good condition. The Cisco 675 Small Office Home Office (SOHO)/Telecommuter asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) router is designed to offer cost-effective high-speed services to small home offices and work-at-home users.