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Speedstream 5861 ADSL Router / Modem 120-5861-002

Speedstream 5861 ADSL Router / Modem 120-5861-002

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120-5861-002 is a ADSL Router to Efficient compatible DSLAMs. This router uses a 3/4 wan pin-out. Routing offers advantages over bridging because: It limits broadcasts to the local LAN segment. It limits the protocols that are routed beyond the LAN segment. Routed protocols allow networks to grow as large as needed. Filters and firewalls can provide screens for improved security and managed traffic flow. The Speedstream 5861 uses numerous network protocols Certain protocol suites are associated protocols for routing, error handling, network management, etc. The router supports the following WAN encapsulations: PPP (VC multiplexing) PPP (LLC multiplexing) PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) RFC 1483 (for ATM) RFC 1483 with MAC encapsulated routing (for ATM) FRF8 (for ATM) RFC 1490 (for Frame Relay) RFC 1490 with MAC encapsulated routing (for Frame Relay)"
  • Efficient networks business class IDSL, ADSL or SDSL Routers provide DSL Access For up to 100 or more Users With robust Firewall and optional secure Virtual private Network (VPN) capabilities. Efficient networks business class DSL Routers are business contingency plan ready, With Features such as dial Backup and Virtual Router redundancy protocol (VRRP).