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Cayman 3220-H / Netopia DSL Router NEW

Cayman 3220-H / Netopia DSL Router NEW

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This modem is new in the box and the software has been updated to the latest version of 6.3.0 R7. The Cayman 3220-H is a four-port Ethernet hub, an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) modem, and a full-featured, auto-configuring Internet router incorporating Cayman's Swift-IP™ technology. Cayman 3220-H features include the following: • SWIFT-IP™ means that installing the Cayman 3220-H consists of connecting the device to your networks and your modem and entering a few basic settings. You can install and configure the Cayman 3220-H in less than 10 minutes. • Integrated four-port Ethernet hub on the Cayman 3220-H front panel lets you add or move workgroup network connections quickly and easily. • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology supports downstream throughput of as much as eight megabits per second. • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) supports up to eight simultaneous virtual circuits (VCs) for reliable high-speed data transmission. • Full-featured wide area network bridge supports wide range of non-TCP/IP protocols. • Virtual Private Network (VPN) support, including interoperability with Assured Digital, Inc. VPN switches. • Web-based browser configuration makes configuration and management easy from anywhere on your network. • Alcatel access concentrator interoperability.