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2Wire HP100S DSL Router / HomePortal Home Portal

2Wire HP100S DSL Router / HomePortal Home Portal

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This router has been factory refurbished in the box. On this particular modem, The 'S' in 100S denotes 'Stealth' which means this is a smaller modem in size than the Homeportal 100. The 2Wire HomePortal offers simple installation, maximum security and the choice of phone line (HomePNA), wireless, Ethernet, or USB connection. The Ultimate solution for shared high-speed Internet access and home networking is now available in one complete box. The HomePortal 100 enables POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), DSL and phone line networking (HomePNA) to operate together over existing telephone lines for shared high-speed Internet access and computer networking. To take advantage of the Home Phone Networking capabilities og the Homeportal, just plug a 2Wire PC Port into your computer's USB port and into a nearby telephone jack. Using existing phone lines, you're ready to share a single Internet connection through the HomePortal. Connect HomePortal to a standard telephone jack to provide HPNA networking, using existing home telephone lines to connect additional computers to the network. Features of the router:
  • Two Level Firewall Protection with Stateful Packet Filters
  • Flexible Home Networking
  • Pre-Configured for Major Broadband ISPs Connections on the router:
    • Broadband Modem: Plug the existing cable or DSL modem here, providing HomePortal with access to the broadband line.
    • Local Ethernet: Connect a computer or peripheral directly via Ethernet or add an Ethernet hub for more connections.
    • USB PC connection: Connect one computer directly to the HomePortal using a USB connection.