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Speedstream Powerline Wireless Router Siemens 2524

Speedstream Powerline Wireless Router Siemens 2524

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SS2524 - The SpeedStream® Powerline Wireless DSL/Cable Router is like a universal networking toolkit, combining the three most popular technologies into one, easy to configure, home networking powerhouse. Attached to an existing DSL or cable modem, this affordable broadband connection sharing solution brings the simplicity of Powerline, the freedom of wireless, and the raw speed of Ethernet connectivity to home and SOHO networks. The SpeedStream® Powerline Wireless DSL/Cable Router’s comprehensive functionality provides vital firewall protection, IP sharing capabilities, and fundamental routing features to each connected device, no matter the network interface. An intuitive,browser-based interface makes it easy to configure network access control, while application-aware NAT tunneling permits use of important applications such as video and IP telephony.
  • Cd and Documentation not included
  • SS2524 - Uses the existing power wiring built into your walls. No new wires to run!
  • Provides instant Powerline networking at up to 14 Mbps data rate*
  • Supports full 802.11b-compliant wireless connectivity at up to 11 Mbps*
  • Four 10/100 Switched Ethernet Ports— each supports full 10/100 bandwidth
  • Blends the simplicity of Powerline, the freedom of wireless, and the raw performance of Ethernet
  • Easily integrates with other manufacturers’ HomePlug 1.0-compliant products and 802.11b-compliant wireless products
  • Built-in Firewall— Protects home/SOHO networks from unwanted access
  • Protects sensitive network data with strong WEP and 56-bit DES encryption
  • Lets several PCs share a single broadband DSL or cable connection
  • VPN pass-through allows secure remote access to corporate LANs
  • SpeedStream Browser-based configuration wizard guides set-up and operation
  • Fully compatible with the SpeedStream 6 dBi Wireless Directional Antenna (Model SS2206)