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Westell 2400 4-port Router Wirespeed ADSL A99-240010-00

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The Westell 2400 4-Port ADSL Router has been designed to address the broadband networking needs of the small business and multi-user residential environment. Providing flexible high-speed connectivity through the use of a Ethernet switch and USB ports. Westell Model 2400 delivers a high-performance solution to your broadband networking needs. LAN Interfaces include an integrated 4-port autosensing 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch plus a USB 1.1 port, that can simultaneously share a single high speed ADSL Internet connection. The fully integrated device comes complete with advanced software that includes a stateful inspection packet filtering Firewall, DHCP and DNS functionality. Remote Management via HTTP and advanced diagnostics. Embedded software allows up to 253 users to access the Internet over a single IP address, securely protected behind a NAT enabled firewall. Alternatively users can maintain multiple IP addresses across the Internet while securely protected behind the Routerís robust firewall.
  • Includes:
  • 4 Port Ethernet/USB PPPoE Multi-User WebShare NAT Router
  • Power adapter
  • 10BT cable