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Westell 2200 Dualport Router Wirespeed ADSL B99-220010-01

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Westell has combined its powerful high-performance modem with innovative Dynamic Multi-Hybrid (DMHTM) Technology. This potent combination enables your modem to achieve the fastest possible speeds under varying loop and in-home wiring conditions. So now, whether you choose to network via USB or ethernet, you can always be sure DMH Technology will be providing you with the maximum DSL throughput available. Like all of Westell's WireSpeed products, the WireSpeed Dual Connect NAT Router with DMH Technology is easy to install and can be configured in a matter of minutes using any standard Web browser. It is software upgradeable for maximum investment protection.
  • Includes:
  • Ethernet/USB PPPoE Multi-User WebShare NAT Router With DMN Techonolgy
  • Power adapter
  • 10BT cable